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Choosing the right stroller model for a baby or preschoolers can be a little challenging with so many options are available today.


Which one really fits our need?

Which one really serves the best quality?


Dark Shadow


Thule Blue




Well, brand reputation can distract your objective opinion, but this particular stroller is pretty much amazing.

You can click the link above to get a full disclosure on the product.

Anyway, let’s highlight key points on this stroller.

There are some other key points you should be happy about.

Check this out.

  • While the wheels are completed with locks as expected, it is also equipped with front fender. It prevents any mud getting into your baby’s feet or higher.
  • The seat is padded and it has a compact folding for easy transporting and storing.
  • The storage compartments are nice with large mesh basket on the back, perfect for blanket storing.
  • A low boy cargo basket is also added with a Velcro and zipper and zipped pocket at the back. It is perfect for keeping things from losing and protecting them from weather.
  • Price is lower comparing to other similar products on its class.
  • It is specially designed for joggers, walkers, and even runners.
  • It is easy to put together, which is a strong point if you buy it online.
  • It is extremely lightweight and compact. Its size enabled it to fit well on narrow spaces.

This stroller delivers it all while it is offered with a more affordable rate. If you need the best shot for stroller on every activity, this one is your answer.

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