Mommy Deluxe EXTRA TALL 32” HIGH Baby Boy Doll Stroller

No more hunching down while your daughter is pushing her doll stroller. This baby boy doll stroller is truly a piece of unique style, the luxurious master made from the best quality for the last year.

  • Multi-function baby boy doll stroller. The doll can face or side of the world.
  • 16 ” W 24 ” L and height can be adjusted up to 32 ” high.
  • Comes with bag. Bassinet cover. under the basket. Spinning wheel.
  • Small Assembly & easy. Consists of quality safety tested & to lead-free
  • Make an amazing gift

Baby Boy Doll Stroller The quality is excellent but the price could be a little lower

This is a joke. So many people thought it was real for a baby! The quality is very good but the price could be slightly lower. This is a gorgeous doll stroller. I was hesitant about purchasing it because of the price. However, after seeing more than 100 stuffed trains for months, I finally bought this one and I am so glad I did. We also have the Joovy toy caboose Stroller doll Tandem-Pink Dot and in the meantime a large stroller, we’re looking for something higher, something that lay down completely (train) and sits upright and it should rotate the wheel well.

Product that actually looks much better in person. Really beautiful. The color is very rich, great details.

This is a very powerful, well make a stroller. The frame is solid. Easy glide wheels smooth. The fabric is thick, heavy, well made. The stroller is very realistic, flexible and very pleasant. Seats (beds/buggy) parts click into place and can move on to face anything. The middle bar is fully adjusted to any position back forth between & &. Seats (beds/buggy) part. There are 2 buttons on either side of your bed at the same time to put the seat in an upright position.

If you want to sleep in the seats, there are also 3 button snaps that turn it into a sitting position seat. The button also made locked, stay in place. The handle also switched back and forth to face & back either way and adjust the height. Many options!! The canopy also adjusts. We haven’t been using the bassinet cover but it is a great addition. Trains/diaper bag is very small. We do not use it but don’t buy it for a bag that I really care about it. The stroller also folds down for easy storage.

The winner Baby Boy Doll Stroller!

Wow! I have a stroller similar last year, and I was very happy when we buy a new one, we bought this one instead. The difference in quality was more than I was expecting. The quality is actually a lot like the real stroller. It is navigating smoothly and there are lots of settings so that the child can push the baby around the face or faces, on the position of the train or sitting position. Including “diaper bag” is a nice touch.

Pieces of cloth that are much better this one than we were being secured in advance. What’s interesting is that it has raised the bar of expectations I have for these items. If you are looking for good quality toy stroller, I highly recommend you get this one. In terms of the quality and longevity of potential usage, this is a clear winner.


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