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For infants and toddlers who have not run smoothly, the stroller can be very helpful when you want to take him to the streets outside the House. However, you cannot use just any baby stroller. Among the wide selection of types and models existing in the stroller, baby safety factor must still take precedence. One of them is using baby car seat and stroller. Here are some ways to choose a safe stroller for your baby.

Baby Car Seat And Stroller Evenflo

Evenflo travel systems use the system embrace Vive, Spearmint Spree
fitting mounted on the car seat. Stroller combo this transition will not be interrupted, even though on the way of the foot and car. A stroller is easily folded and wrapped.

This stroller is ideal for newborn babies and normal, and it is connected securely. This stroller is very convenient for travel.

This type of stroller is a kind of baby stroller that combines the concept of the multifunctional stroller with infant car seats. The stroller can be fitted on the car seat as a babysitting during the drive, and removable for you discover about bringing the baby to the streets afterward. This baby seat you can also install to operate like a stroller.

Choosing a stroller baby safe and comfortable

1. Check the Brake on the Stroller Baby

The most baby stroller has brakes that lock the two wheels at once, not just one wheel as is customary. Select the stroller brakes you find easiest to use. Then, be sure the brakes are also not reachable by the hands of children.

2. Check the quality of the seat belt

Stroller baby generally has a choice of seat belt lock three or five key. Seat belt five key is considered more secure because this belt will be maintaining the waist, the shoulder, as well as between the legs. This is needed especially for children who are smaller.

3. Note the limit of weight

Stroller baby generally has a weight limit. If the child’s weight exceeds this limit, it is feared stroller become unstable. In addition, avoid using a single stroller is also used to carry more than one child.

4. High or low grip stroller

Adjust the baby stroller handle height with you or other adults who are going to push it. The handle of stroller should be around the waist or a bit lower. To be safe, find the stroller with a handle that can be adjusted.

5. Find a Chair that can be adjusted

If the stroller is used for babies under the age of 6 months, make sure that the seat can be adjusted to be in a position almost lying down. This is because the age children still have not been able to prop up your head and sit perfectly.


About the product

  • Comes with a car seat and baby embracing with extended weight rating 4-35 pounds.
  • Stroller weight up to 50 branches of Five pounds
  • Equipped with a large canopy, as well as a protector and a peek-a-boo Windows
  • Can make on-the-go so fun with flip ultra slim 16 inch-perfect so that Sangay is suitable wherever you are

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