Baby Strollers At Target Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler Wide

Rio brands believe in baby strollers at target bringing fashion and furniture quality beaches and backyards. We focus our efforts to translate a high-end design look ready-made and sport to fashion trend-right who works for outdoor and beach furniture. Rio baby strollers at target hired a team of designers and trend analysts are always on the hunt for next season colors, fashion statement or eye-catching icons.

The Rio brand was founded in 1947. Since its inception, the company has committed to service, quality, and innovation. Our company holds 21 patents and build products with the highest quality standards in the industry. We offer the features in comfort, durability, and functionality that is not found elsewhere. Some of our patented products are wonder Wheeler Beach cart, seat Pack and integrated sand anchor for beach umbrellas.

Baby strollers at target the Rio core brands

In addition to the Rio core brands; Skafidia Beach, Rio, Rio dental creations and the adventures of Rio, the company also produces and distributes outdoor furniture for the brand Tommy Bahama Margaritaville and Jimmy Buffett.

Rio brands is a privately owned company. We are a short head in West Conshohocken, PA and we also have an Office in Philadelphia, PA and in Ningbo, China.

Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler Wide Beach Cart Features and Specifications

First of all Wonder Wheeler width, the largest of the series. This will make your day at the beach more practical than ever before. This cart uses the same technology as a baby stroller. Big 10 inch wheels and an extendable handle neoprene makes handling easy. Full width back cover for extra durability, also with embroidered back pocket for quick access storage.

Baby Strollers at target all-terrain cart are designing to provide a hassle-free way is carrying heavy loads to and from the beach. Using the same technology as the pram also wonder Wheeler has extending push or pull handle with grip neoprene for comfort.  With extra wide and 10-inch diameter rear wheel and wonder Wheeler cart offers the necessary Azura. To pull the load up the line of sand and soft wavy equipped.

Meanwhile, 4.5-inch diameter front wheel making a push and navigate the road smooth and easy highway access. It was built to carry a load of up to 100 pounds and wonder Wheeler provides enough room for a cooler. And four beach chairs, beach umbrellas, and more. The train providing multiple points of access and storage for large mesh bag with’s teeth, removable tote bag, umbrella holders, placemats and bottom and shelves. When you have set up your beach plots, just fold Wheeler wonder until you are ready to pack up and go.


  • Super wide rear wheel
  • Articulating front wheel
  • Extended neoprene handle
  • Removable Tote Bag
  • Large mesh bag
  • Side umbrella holder
  • Placemat underneath and shelves
  • Back pockets
  • Folds for easy storage


  • Front wheel diameter: 4.5 inch
  • Rear wheel diameter: 10 inches
  • Seat load capacity: 4 seats
  • Storage area: 15 cubic feet
  • The weight of the maximum capacity: 100 pounds

Product Description about baby strollers at target

  • Cart foldable beach with huge all-terrain wheels and sturdy frame.
  • .15-cubic feet of storage and a capacity of 100 pounds of weight
  • Wide, all-terrain rear wheels; articulating front wheel.
  • Extended, stylish stroller handle grip neoprene.
  • in addition Side umbrella holder, also Deluxe removable tote bag; Placemat underneath and shelves.


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