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For the transport of babies, maybe our mothers used to be more familiar with the sling cloth. Since the 2000s, and lifestyle of young couples (especially in urban areas) are increasingly active, then the tool to bring the baby with easy and convenient increasingly needed. And stroller is one of the options that meet the needs of the elderly. One of them, namely the type of best lightweight stroller.

This categorization is normally based on the function of the stroller, the stroller’s weight, age level kids who could use a stroller, price, and others. And any co-branded loads! Starting from European and American brands like Peg Perego, Graco, and Nuna Japan like Africa, or Chinese brands and even local. Price varies. his range starts from 400-500 thousand dollars for the Chinese brand of the stroller or local, up to a dozen million for a well-known brand in Europe.

Best Lightweight Stroller

This type of stroller is probably the most we meet in Indonesia. In addition to weighing the mild type, the stroller is also easy to carry and folded, its price is relatively affordable. Lightweight Stroller is also often referred to as the Umbrella Stroller because simply folded and lightweight to carry. Lack of Lightweight Stroller is the lack of accessories in the stroller. Standard accessories such as canopy, basket, and recline function may not exist in this type of stroller. Although it is now pretty much a Lightweight Stroller anyway who also offer these features, but are usually promoted to the weight and price of the stroller.

Choosing A Stroller

  • How much of the budget could be prepared to buy a stroller?
  • Travelling Needs.
  • How often will be used later in the stroller, and where?
  • The number of children we have.
  • Start age children how many Moms like to use the stroller.
  • The features we want.

The most important thing when choosing and buying a stroller is be realistic about what we will plan ahead. For example, already know we rarely jog, but Jogging Stroller model has a moderate discount and finally less. Or already know Moms will more often traveling alone with the baby, but choosing a stroller model are heavy and difficult to fold down so that would vex the time used.

About The Product Lightweight Stroller

  • Lightweight while being travel by design only 11.8 lbs, so it is perfectly used for travel and travel.
  • A large canopy with three levels, extended with maximum UV shield cover for the canopy.
  • Can peek-a-boo from the window so you can easily maintain the supervision of baby with a maximum.
  • Fold using one hand fold and stand up easily, perfect used in mobile travel and vacation.
  • Reclining seats offers salvation to 5 point restraint system and can accommodate a child up to 50 pounds.

Don’t because it has a cheap price, so we bought a random brand stroller buckle his ill-fitting harness so that the baby can get away from the stroller, or even his order frail and very random, disconnected are dangerous for infants.

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