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Since becoming a mother five months ago, I have been exploring two continents, three, and four cities while carrying my baby. It is not only challenged my sanity but at the same time to train the ability of shopping because I know by buying the perfect stroller is my best bet to survive in this trip. Think of this, buy baby equipment can be very intimidating like buying a new car. There are so many choices that sometimes make Parents confused. One of them is by setting up double stroller car seat combo for you who have twins.

Basically, the Parents definitely confused moment to buy a stroller for your baby. But before choosing the right, Parents need to consider what your needs are.

Double Stroller Car Seat Combo

This can be used for twins, or when carrying the same age as baby 2. There is even a model that provides a place to create the little stands that can already do so. There are also models that can separate and unite the two light rail, depending on your needs.

This double stroller model can be shaped side by side (side-by-side) or rear (tandem). Pram model side-by-side, suitable for a baby with the same body weight. But this may be difficult when the model is often out the door entrance.

While the tandem stroller may be difficult to redirect or driven. There is also a stroller fit three or four children, but the trains of this type are hard to be found and the price is more expensive.


Select a sturdy stroller frame and made from good material. Make sure there are no parts that could harm a child such as to cause a pinched, etc.


Stroller must have a good Binder System. Try to choose a stroller has a 5 point harness that wraps the waist, between his legs, and down through the shoulder.

Seats Can Be Arranged

Newborn babies need a place to sit that fell at a nearly flat until they were able to raise my head and can sit, usually after the age of 6 months.

Maneuverable Capability

Stroller must be driven in a straight line and changed direction with ease. The wheel should spin smoothly and not drag.

In General, lightweight stroller with weights is considered easier to maneuver and concise.


Select a stroller with a canopy that can be set or adjusted. The canopy will protect children from the Sun, rain, and wind.

Place Of Storage

The basket under the seat is very useful to keep the diaper bag. Consider what other items you need to bring.


Find a stroller that can be added to a wide range of accessories so that flexible use in various conditions.

High Grip

The handle must have a height of approximately waist-high or drive a little further down.

If it does not comply with this description, you might want a stroller with a height adjustable handle.

About The Product

  • Designed to keep children from one to two people.
  • Fitted seat kit, car seat and baby baskets according to your needs.
  • More than 16 combination seat car double tiered and one seat combo.
  • Every seat for children up to 45 lbs.
  • Can be folded for added convenience.

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