Double Umbrella Stroller-JOOVY Twin Groove

For those of you who are pregnant and waiting for the presence of the fruit of the heart, or just had a baby, stroller or baby stroller becomes one of the important things that you need to have. Amid the abundance of the choice stroller with many kinds of brand, price, and features vary, of course, mama must jelly in choosing the stroller that fits your needs and suitable for your baby. If you have baby twins then one of them by using the double umbrella stroller.

Double Umbrella Stroller

Umbrella fold stroller is suitable for the mama who wants to travel together with practical baby, due to its small size, lightweight. Because it is small and light, the price is cheaper than other types of a stroller.

In the umbrella stroller is the baby can’t sleep position, can only sit so special for babies aged 6 months. The feature is also limited, so mama couldn’t save his stuff here.

For the roads around the House, umbrella stroller into a practical choice. This stroller can also be used to travel far because more efficient place than any stroller is great, so you can take them on a plane, train or ship.

This type of umbrella strollers are the lightest, usually, does it weigh less than 12 lbs. This type of stroller is also the most standard. This stroller is rarely that lying and do not have additional features, such as the rack and a storage basket.

Choose the stroller a safe:

  • First, understand that brands cannot guarantee the safety of the baby. The proof of several famous brands of strollers ever pulling its products the reason did not meet security standards.
  • Check more thoroughly for secondhand baby carriage stroller second-hand is generally not recommended by the excellent for the sake of the safety of the baby. The name of the former even though its price could be cheaper, but it’s a matter of security is often questioned.
  • Makara uses a stroller that fits with the conditions respectively. Customize your chosen train with age and body size of the child.
  • In addition, it is also easy to use. A beautiful must break the existing standard, should not be jammed, and don’t be slack.
  • Train for a baby should be stable and should not shake-shake. Does it weigh light rail tends to be more easy to shake, and it can make the baby shifts and fall? Using lightweight stroller had to maintain balance.
  • The old model of stroller tends to have great feet hole episode, and it can make babies mired. Make sure the hole distance is not too great to let baby safer.

About the product

  • Your child can NAP with Khitan 50 lbs. lie in flat, max weight 100 lbs.
  • There are 50 FPU canopy provides protection from the Sun, plus a peek window-a-boo
  • Equipped with 3 cups and there is a zippered storage pocket.
  • Material: Aluminium, Polyester
  • There is a frame, stroller weighs only about 26 lbs
  • Can be fold compact stand with auto-folding key and can carry shoulder strap

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