Baby Trend Expedition Infant Car Seat and Stroller Combo

One of the things that need to be considered for purchase by the mother who has a baby stroller is a buy. By having this baby supplies many provide benefits both to the mother or the baby itself. One of this infant car seat and stroller combo products is the Baby Trend Expedition Travel Millennium. Holding a baby will certainly make the inner bonding between mother and baby will be the closer. But if you took too long, certainly you will also feel achy. Especially when you’re holding a while traveling.

It will also in natural by the baby, if too long in carrying a baby will feel the same way with mom. Therefore the existence of the stroller can be a solution to it. Many of the benefits that can be with a stroller. When traveling or sightseeing with a baby will certainly give you a lot of convenience for mom. Many factors can be used as a reference before buying this Baby Trend Expedition Travel Millennium infant car seat and stroller combo. The baby will feel comfort in taking a stroll by the parents. If the baby feels sleepy, baby can simply fall asleep in a stroller.

Baby Trend Expedition Travel Millennium

The baby trend expedition travel system-millennium. Expedition Jogger travel system includes the most popular baby car seats keep coming back with EX Flex-Loc base. The baby car seat can accommodate 5 approximately 22 pounds (2.2 approximately 10 kg.) Height 28.5 “or less (45.0 cm).

  • Flex key car seats are equipped with easily adjustable in high key flex car basis.
  • Travel system including the expedition LX Jogging Stroller and Flex key 30 infant car seat.
  • The stroller features parents and children also tray. Large storage basket and also large adjustable canopy.
  • Expedition LX Jogger has a locking front wheel for jogging and swivel wheels for easy maneuvering.
  • Flex key 30 baby car seats accommodate children up to 30 pounds and 30 inches high.

Locked front wheels swivel for easy maneuvering. Extra-wide grip, ergonomically shaped foam tender. Reflectors provide greater visibility low light. Extra large storage basket. Light steel frame construction. Use features stroller: birth-approximately 50 pounds or 42 “. Car seat: approximately 5-22 pounds and up to 28.5 “.

Infant Car Seat and Stroller Combo

Infant car seat and stroller combo have both parents tray for 2 drinks. The tray to close and save the child comfortable. In addition to the large basket store. Push handle extra wide, ergonomically shaped and padded foam. Ratchets are matching with the sunroof closes the canopy to block the sun and the wind. The stroller has a multi-position reclining loveseat with fully customize 5 points safety harness and ropes. Reflectors on the footrest to provide more low-light visibility.

The stroller has a lightweight compact fold for easy saving and will accommodate children up to 50 pounds and 42 inches high. Flex baby car seats 30 locks to accommodate the weight of 5-30 pounds and has a height of up to 30 inches high. The hotel has 5-poiont safety harness; one hand easy harness adjustment and release the button. Button 4-position height adjust the base with the level indicator for proper installation. The great smooth handle allows easy transport of the child and the chair.

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