Mommy And Me Stroller 2 in 1 Deluxe doll EXTRA TALL 32” HIGH

No more hunching down while your daughter is pushing her doll stroller. This Mommy And Me Stroller is truly a piece of unique style, the luxurious master made from the best quality for the last year.

Your daughter will love with her dolls. Your daughter will bring her Mommy & I Doll stroller to all the places she wants. He will bring to the garden, and elsewhere. When you take your child to the mall, usually your daughter will want to carry her doll too. Your daughter will be able to bring her doll to all over the place when she had a stroller. That’s why you better buy my Doll & Mommy stroller and then make your child feel very happy to bring her dolls everywhere. There are several reasons why so many people had to buy a stroller. Good for you to check out this stroller features before you purchase this stroller.

Product description Mommy And Me Stroller

Is the best stroller for your daughter and her small daughter as well as Mommy And Me Stroller. This stroller for sale in hot pink will make you really want to have this stroller. The stroller is equipped with a seat belt to protect the basket’s daughter, she’s small at the bottom that helps your child to store all the little princess she needs and it also comes with a hood. The stroller is made of high-quality materials so that this stroller will be durable for a long time.

Mommy And Me Stroller will be made with double wheels on all 4 legs that will make this stroller is stable. Your daughter will be easier to bring him to the little Princess all over the place because it is easy to fold and store. The stroller is suitable for 16-inch dolls. The mother should not feel bad because this stroller’s safety has been tested by the United States security regulations.

Specifications Mommy And Me Stroller

  • Multi-function doll stroller. The Mommy And Me Stroller doll can face or side of the world.
  • 16 ” W 24 ” L and height can be adjusted up to 32 ” high.
  • Comes with bag. Bassinet cover. under the basket. Spinning wheel.
  • Small Assembly & easy. Consists of quality safety tested & to lead-free.
  • Make an amazing gift

Dimensions of Products mommy doll stroller I & 20.5 x 20.5 x 10 inches. The weight of the baby carriage this was £ 1.5. This is a great choice for Your Prince. When people order a baby carriage through online, you must pay for shipping weight 2.2 lbs. ASIN number this product is B007UFW13M. This product is recommended for 12 months and up. The stroller has a variety of features that will help your child to use a stroller in a very easy way.

Customer reviews Mommy And Me Stroller

There are so many people who write reviews about this product. Most people say that mommy stroller is very cute and realistic for all girls. Some people say that their daughter loved this stroller because it is very easy to move around. This stroller is sturdy enough for all the children. If you want to know more about customer reviews of this product, you can read at You can order this baby carriage in the same place too.

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