Stroller Baby Umbrella Groove Ultralight Turquoise

Umbrella fold stroller is suitable for mama who want to travel together with practical baby, due to its small size, lightweightand easily folded. Because it is small and light, the price is cheaper than other types of stroller. The umbrella stroller is perfect when used, as it contains a variety of functions.

In the umbrella stroller is the baby can’t sleep position, can only sit so special for babies aged 6 months and above who can already sit. The feature is also limited, so mama couldn’t save his stuff here. For the roads around the house, umbrella stroller into a practical choice. This stroller can also be used to travel far because more efficient place than any stroller is great, so you can take them on a plane, train or ship.

Stroller Baby Umbrella Joovy New Groove

Equipped with reclining seats that are a bit more in the bassinet mode and to accommodate for the baby even children up to 55 lbs. New features that come with waterproof materials and 50 FPU canopy to protect from sunlight. With a cup holder added that both parents accompanied upgrade wheels that make it easier to push and manoeuvre in narrow spaces. 4 wheel suspension allows the footrest so easy walking. Fitted two mesh pockets are useful as a place to store food, beverages and other goods.

This stroller is perfect for carrying the fruit of careful while travelling. Since it has umbrellas stroller, so as to protect children from the Sun. This stroller is also very practical because it can be folded and can be carried everywhere. With reclining seats, equipped so that the child can sleep soundly and comfortably.

About the product

  • Your child can soundly NAP from 55 lbs. baby lying down flat.
  • 50 FPU canopy always provide protection from sunlight plus a peek window-a-boo.
  • Equipped with 2 cup holders and zippered storage Pocket.
  • Made of very light aluminum frame, a stroller that has a weight of only 14 lbs.
  • Compact foldable stand with auto-folding key and can carry shoulder strap

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