Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller For 5 Year Old, Tangerine

Ultra lightweight Stroller For 5-Year-Old. Designed in Italy, yet lightweight anodized, the C6 has aluminum frame rugged, which weighs only 11 pounds but it comes loaded with features you would only expect to find in a stroller full size. 2 position reclining seats provide comfort and security with padded 5 point harnesses and front wheel suspension. Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller For 5-Year-Old, Tangerine adjustable canopy, removable, protect from sunlight, wind, and cold. Large basket provides storage for all of your baby needs. Quick release folding umbrella, shoulder strap make carrying convenient storage and travel, and stroller carries bag.

About the product Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller For 5 Year Old, Tangerine

  • Ultra aluminum stroller weighs only 11 pounds.
  • Comfort and safety with 2 positions reclining seat and 5-point safety harness.
  • Front wheel suspension made terrain rough smooth.
  • Compact umbrella style fold, carry bags and shoulder carry strap make travel easy.
  • Cart needs to keep close

Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller For 5 Year Old, Tangerine adequate

This product arrived quickly. If you are familiar with baby strollers, you really don’t need to read the manual to find out how to open it. It’s pretty easy to open the canopy and Assembly. Shades canopy only from above, but not the side or front. My daughter is almost 3 and tall for her age. He sat in the seat easily, but support only goes up to the back of his shoulder.

If she fell asleep, her head will not be supported. The shoulder harness is also very low and she can’t wear it. I will have to cut the tabs that hold the straps/harness so that he could get through his arm. I’m 5 ‘ 3 ” and a comfortable grip. If you are tall or have long sleeves, the handle may be too low. What I like is that it’s light and delicate but sturdy rides to travel.

Avoid what we learned after buying Stroller For 5-Year-Old

Pros: lightweight, it fit our son and he looks comfortable, quality is adequate, sun shade work, the handle is comfortable, good quality wheel and take various Terrain well.

Con: this is a huge CON-the whole point of the stroller is being able to walk … given the design is almost impossible to walk with ease or comfortable because you end up kicking the stroller all the time. With the set up in a way that the rear wheels/feet are positioned. That’s super annoying and completely defeats the purpose of a stroller. I finally just brought my son in one hand and pushing a stroller from the side because I’m tired) takes a step short choppy b) kicking it with my toes on each stride. There is another train which tilts to avoid this-Help yourself and find one of them.

We’ve been very pleased with the durability of the stroller. While I bought mainly for travel into a stroller, we use it regularly at home, too. Although this diminutive wheel has done tremendous good will over uneven pavement, rocks, and even tram rails. While the basket below the stroller is small, I have found a framework that should be very sturdy and regularly circle grocery bag over the handle. It is fast to close, compact, and durable–great for travel. We’ve had no damage, although often in flight

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