Delta Children LX Orange Stroller For Large Child Specification

The perfect blend of comfort and style Stroller For Large Child, Delta children LX stroller features bold, bubble print with a super large canopy that offers plenty of storage for important go while multi-position reclining seat and footrest adjustable allow children to relax and enjoy the ride.

About Stroller For Large Child

Recommended for children up to 45 pounds
Five-point harness with soft shoulders; Front wheel: 6.5 “; Back wheel: 7.5 ”
Full, multi-position reclining with adjustable footrest; Large storage bag behind and below the canopy frame
Compact umbrella fold for easy storage; The great European-style canopy with peek a boo window
360 degrees of shock absorbing front wheels; Dimensions: 32 “W x 19. 9 “D x 40.5” H; Product weight: 16.4 pounds; Meet or exceed all ASTM and CPSC standard and JPMA Certification

Great Stroller For Large Child with Great Customer Service

I have a blue when it’s available. Very great. People ask me about it all the time. Reclines nearly flat all the way. This is a bit complicated as lying works with a belt you have to pull tighter and loosen to adjust. Can be a bit hard on the thumb until you get used to it.

I like the way it is the baby safe buckle. He came upon the shoulder and at the waist to buckle to the piece that comes between the legs of the baby. The two buckles insecure and very easy to do. Another five-point belt must be for me. There are pads on the shoulder strap in, too.

This stroller has no part in red, as shown in the picture, too close it.

Have a piece of plastic that goes over a piece on the other side. Stroller For Large Child hard to explain, but it works very well. You just close the stroller and attached, there is no need to reach out and place a piece of Red above the button as shown in the picture. I can close the stroller while holding a baby and then take it up with the handle and place it in a van. The closing took a second to find out. You must pull the handle, ride in the back, and you have to step on a piece of who in that area. Personally, I think it works better to also pull the Bar attached to small pieces. I usually just put my foot in there and pull it out. Take a look at what you want to do and you should be able to figure it out. It is really not difficult.

One thing I would do differently with this stroller will have put the Cup holder on the other side. It is placed on the opposite side of the handle which means I usually set a stroller on it. It comes from though so not a big deal and you can set up a stroller the other way, too. I just seem to be set that way.

The area to hold things under good and great, although a little hard to get into if you have a stroller along the way lay. There is also a pocket on the back of the sunbonnet is good for things like your keys, money, diapers, and wipes, etc. Sunbonnet comes off easily, too.

This is an awesome stroller with a great price.


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