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For those of you who are pregnant and waiting for the presence of the fruit of the heart, or just had a baby, stroller or baby stroller becomes one of the important things that you need to have. Amid the abundance of choice stroller with many kinds of brand, price, and features vary. Of course mama must jelly in choosing a stroller that fits your needs and suitable for your baby. One of them by selecting the type of tandem jogging stroller.

There are various types of stroller mom can choose, ranging from standard stroller, strollers lightweight “umbrella”. Until travel system stroller and even that could fit two or three babies. But, do not select the origin of the pram suit. There are a number of considerations that must be mom noticed so don’t regret after purchase.

Tandem Jogging Stroller

True to its name, the jogging stroller is suitable for mom who loves the streets or work out in the garden. The advantage lies in the easy manuver of the vehicle and keep it easy to use on the slopes or on the ground. In contrast to standard stroller, jogging stroller has three wheels just so Frisky when turning.

Jogging stroller tend to be wider so it was a bit inconvenient when shopping at the supermarket should be worn. Up and down the stairs/escalator, or elevator.

How To Choose A Jogging Stroller Tandem

  • Security. An important security feature worth noting is the 5-point safety harness or seat belt 5 point. Ranging from the waist and sitting up to his shoulders. Check also lest stroller look frail. Stroller from quality brands usually have good strength and security features are standard.
  • Parking brake and wheel locks. Secure the stroller has brakes are good and the wheel can be locked when stopped. Important don’t stroller suddenly its own way by the time mama stopped on the way down.
  • Stroller height, can be arranged. High fitting stroller will make mama comfortable when using it. If the stroller has adjustable grip stick, so a plus. Especially when mama and papa’s difference in height.
  • Basket supplies/travel bag. Select a strong and capable of holding size diaper/nappy and other supplies. This cart makes it easy mom let me not bother bringing baby equipment on its own.
  • Easily folded. This type of umbrella stroller is indeed designed to quickly folded practically, choose an easy-to-fold opened with one hand only, so no need to bother with two hands.
  • Strong. Select a stroller with a lightweight yet powerful frame, usually from a quality brand, too. Avoid the stroller which looks frail, in addition to his model is less nice, can be dangerous and also not comfortable to use.
  • Rain cowls/rain cover. The rain cover is important because mom definitely don’t babies so sick because of the col.

About The Product

  • Tandem stroller is equipped with umbrellas to protect baby from the Sun.
  • Multi-position and full-size removable. Equipped with holds.
  • Equipped with baskets of food.
  • This position can be adjusted to 3 positions.

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